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About Us


We believe that the most important things we can teach children are that they are lovable; they are capable; they irreplaceable, and for them all things are POSSIBLE.

Successful experiences encourage children to develop a healthy self-concept, and a positive self-esteem. The chance to learn by doing provides the opportunity for a lifetime of creative living and learning. We believe in play with a purpose. Our professional staff is responsible for planning and implementing a developmental appropriate curriculum for each age level. Communication between staff and parents is encouraged. Our doors are always open to parents.

Our Program

Our program is based on proven theory while utilizing current theory and research in child care development and education. Our staff will make every effort to be sensitive and responsive to the needs and interests of each child. The center will cooperate with and reinforce the educational efforts at home. A curriculum is provided that enhances the specific developmental needs of all children.

The daily program provides a mixture of free play, planned activities and whole group activities. The heart and soul of our program appears as the brightness in your child’s eyes, the melody of shared laughter, the exuberance of movement, and the pride of mastery. Our high-quality program is driven by our teacher’s impacting children’s lives with skills and compassion.

Our Staff

The staff at Baby Genius Day Care Center is hired by the Board of Directors with great care and consideration. The Director and the teachers come to the Center with a varied background of experience and training, which is augmented by attendance at workshops and training sessions several times a year. Our teachers are competent and trained in early childhood development.

Each teacher must have a minimum of forty hours of training in Child Development and complete a least eight hours of training each year. A staff member is always present who is trained in Infant and Child First Aid and CPR. All staff is required to be in good physical health. At staff meetings an ongoing assessment of our program takes place, and our relationships with the children, their parents, and each other is constantly scrutinized. In addition, all staff members undergo a yearly review by members of the Board.

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